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DoBro’s, Two Bro’s and much more than Dough

DoBro’s, Two Bro’s and much more than Dough


The success of DoBro’s Chicago Style restaurant on 658 W New York Ave in Deland is perfectly summed up in the following quote by Henry Ford; “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”!

DoBro’s Chicago Style Restaurant settled in Deland FLTonight we are celebrating the launch of our new site HappyDeland.com by having dinner from Dobro’s Restaurant. We just finished a fantastic meal that we had delivered directly to our office. In addition to our launch we are highlighting DoBros as a story of local growth and perseverance. Check out the video and read the blog here: http://bit.ly/HD-DoBrosChicagoStyle PLEASE Like, Share and Comment. Stay Happy My Friends!!

Posted by Happy Deland on Monday, March 21, 2016

Their story begins at a very rapid pace in the summer of 2011. Yes, you read that right, 2011! Their Chicago Italian style, family owned and run restaurant has been contributing to the strength of our local economy and growth for nearly half a decade. During that year Philip had a broken neck, Thomas had a broken leg and they both had difficulty finding steady work with their injuries. When trying to decide what to do Michael Knott, their father, suggested that they work together and build a restaurant.  Rather than let their situation dictate their actions, they made their actions dictate their future. They found a location, built the restaurant and opened in less than a month or two. Thomas remembers rolling around on a trash can dolly, with his broken leg, to paint and do tile work for the build out. They literally, with the help of family and friends, built it with their own hands.


The brothers were raised in Deland, went to Deland High school and have been cooks in local restaurants for years. “This is our home, this is our family, and this is our life. Italian style cuisine is what we know and love. But, there were already so many New York style places around; we thought we could bring something new and different to the community.” Thomas said proudly.DoBros-5-1DoBros-Chicago

Their favorite dish is “the one that makes their guests the happiest” says the Dobros (pronounced Dough-Bro’s). One item that dramatically stands out as a unanimous favorite is the breadsticks and alfredo sauce. Take it from me, THEY ARE ADDICTIVE!! Everything is made from scratch and many ingredients are directly imported from Chicago for that authentic and unique taste.

DoBro's Salds and more in Deland Florida

The staff consists of a close knit group, that are either family or considered as such. Linda, their mother, gave me a warm and welcoming hug the first time I was there. In the beginning they each worked a minimum of 100 hours a week. It took 4 years to gain the needed capital to allow the brothers to take two days off each. Now, they merely work 65-70 hours a week. “We pay our cooks more than we made the first couple years we were open”, says Thomas with a laugh.  Meghan, Philips fiancée, is a staple of their service team. She has a smile and demeanor that is welcoming and brings warmth to the already cozy feel of the quaint establishment. “We are a big idea in a small package”, they say.


Join the Dobros Nation and support this local eatery. You cannot go wrong with the value and service you will receive, but more importantly…The food is FANTASTIC!! The portions are huge, each entrée comes with breadsticks, a salad and a smile J. They deliver too; it’s not just pizza, sandwiches and Chinese food anymore folks. From the savory Chicken Parmigiana and Pasta Primavera to their specialty Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich (with bread directly from Chicago) there are many options to choose from. Desserts include a sweet Caramel Sea Salt Gelato, fresh made Cannoli and delicious Fried Cheesecake!! Do yourself and family a favor and to add them to your “refrigerator list”. When considering what to get on your next night staying in or dining out, they are one of Deland’s best options.



Stay Happy My Friends!!




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